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Each of us will face a legal issue at one time or another. And since most of us consider anything law related scary and complicated the first thought would be to turn to law firms and attorneys. With retainer fees, deposits, and hundreds of dollar per hour for counsel you will see the fees skyrocket quickly. Truth is that not every legal matter requires hiring a lawyer. There are smarter and more cost effective solutions.

Legal Document Preparer or a Legal Document Assistant is a non-lawyer authorized to assist with the preparation of legal instruments. It is a US phenomenon created in response to the most strict licensing laws for attorneys in the world. The job was created by using the doctrine of pro se to enable someone to help another prepare a legal document.

So what can you expect from a legal document preparer?

First, we cannot help you if you do actually need legal counsel or representation. So, only lawyers who are licensed and in good standing can help you in these cases. What legal document preparers do is ask you for the required information and fill out the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms at your specific directions. So the difference with lawyers is that we offer legal document preparation, but do not offer legal representation. By skipping high-priced counsel and retainer fees this means that you will spend exponentially less for your immigration related paperwork.

 Legal Document Preparation Fees

*We are not attorneys nor licensed in the State of Nevada to give legal advice or accept fees for such matters. We are Legal Document Preparers who assist our clients in the preparation of their legal documents at their direction.*

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